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Is Best Prostate® a natural treatment?
Best Prostate® is a natural Dietary Supplement that contains beta-sitosterol which has shown to be beneficial in supporting good prostate health*

What is in Best Prostate®?
Best Prostate® is formulated using beta-sitosterol sourced from BASF (formerly Cognis Nutrition and Health). The brand name of beta-sitosterol used is Vegapure®. BASF - Cognis Nutrition and Health has been manufacturing plant sterols for over half a century. BASF is the world's largest producer of sterols and sterol esters with manufacturing facilities in France, Germany, and the United States. Each Best Prostate® capsule contains 310 mg of beta-sitosterol.


Are there any side effects reported with beta-sitosterol?

Known side effects for Beta-sitosterol have been reported in a small group of individuals that are hypersensitive to the ingredient Beta-sitosterol.  The side effect reported is generally a rash with itching.  If these side effects are experienced one should discontinue the product.

Individuals who take 3000 to 4000 mg per day have reported nausea, indigestion, gas, diarrhea or constipation. There may be additional side effects that have been reported at higher dosages so this list may not be all inclusive.

What is the difference between the Beta-Sitosterol in Best Prostate® versus taking a supplement containing Saw Palmetto?
Best Prostate® contains beta-sitosterol which is in a purified and concentrated form compared to the amount of beta-sitosterol found in saw palmetto by itself. Online sources make the claim that you would have to eat 2 lbs. of saw palmetto to get the same amount of beta-sitosterol as you would get in one 300 mg capsule containing beta-sitosterol. Clinical studies with Beta-sitosterol have shown benefit in relieving the symptoms of an enlarged prostate.

5. What is the Refund Policy for Best Prostate®?


If you are not satisfied with your first bottle of Best Prostate® simply return the empty, opened, and any un-opened product to us and we will process a refund for the purchase price of the product. We do not refund shipping costs. In addition the credit card company may charge a small processing fee for the refund issued. Products returned within 60 days of purchase will be refunded back to the credit card that you used to purchase the product.

Note, if you order more than one bottle of Best Prostate do not open additional bottles. If you are not satisfied with the initial bottle (one month supply ) opening additional bottles will reduce your refund.



Does Best Prostate® work for everyone and what should I expect?
Unfortunately there isn't a product (this includes prescription medications) on the market that works 100% of the time for everyone that takes it. The good news is Best Prostate® does work for 95% of the individuals who do take it as directed. Generally individuals who take Best Prostate® notice improvement in flow within the first 24 to 36 hours. Improvement with respect to waking multiple times at night may take 2 to 3 weeks. Customers should try to take the product at the same time from day to day. Many customers who would experience waking multiple times every night have reported that taking the product every morning and before the evening meal versus bedtime works better to reduce getting up throughout the night. We offer a 100% money back guarantee for the purchase price of the product in the event that our product Best Prostate® does not work for you. We realize that there is not a man alive that will continue to take a product if it doesn't work. It is important to take this product as directed (daily) if you expect to see results. If you have any questions about this product after you receive it you should contact us at 888-768-3836.

7. Can I take more than (2) two capsules of Best Prostate® a day?

Yes some individuals with more advanced prostate enlargement and restricted flow can safely take additional Best Prostate® capsules. Generally if you do not experience the results you desire within the first week you may choose to increase Best Prostate® to 2 (two) capsules first thing in the morning and then 1 (one) or 2 (two) capsules in the evening. Since every person is unique some individuals experience improved results by taking the second dosage of Best Prostate® before or after supper rather than at bedtime. If you have questions please feel free to contact us regarding this information at 888-768-3836. Thank you.



What makes Best Prostate® different from other Beta-sitosterol Prostate supplements?
Best Prostate®combines the 3 natural ingredients for promoting prostate health. 310 mg of Beta-Sitosterol with 15 mg of Zinc Citrate and 15 mcg of Selenium. We have endeavered to include only those ingredients which have proven to be beneficial with respect to prostate health. We use Vegapure® which is a branded, GRAS (generally recognized as safe) line of plant sterols and sterol esters from Cognis Nutrition & Health. At present we use US sourced Vegapure® plant sterols and sterol esters. Unlike other prostate formulas who do not identify the source with respect to their beta-sitosterol.

We are constantly looking to improve our product and the ingredients that we use. As a result of this promise to our consumers we have made changes over time to ensure that Best Prostate® is a superior product choice for our customers.

Initially we produced Best Prostate® with the soybean based Vegapure®. When we discovered that US-sourced beta-sitosterol was pre-dominantly genetically modified (GMO) we ceased production and transitioned to Vegapure® FTE (non-GMO) however still soybean based. Our competitors claim that we have never procured or used the Vegapure® FTE product line from Cognis. This allegation is a lie and untrue. Cognis actually contacted our competitor with a Cease and Desist letter dated November 5, 2009 due to flagrant violation of their trademark(s) and claims. We learned that the Vegapure® FTE had to be imported from Germany due to the fact that most soybean products produced in the US were genetically modified. Despite this fact we felt that the benefit of a non-GMO product was in our customers best interest. Recognizing that men preferred a non-soy based product we again improved Best Prostate® by transitioning to Vegapure® 867 G (non-GMO) derived from Pine trees. Despite increased raw material and production costs with each transition we have not passed these costs onto our customers. The decision rests with you the consumer a soy-based beta-sitosterol that is genetically modified or Best Prostate®.

9. Can you auto-ship the product on a regular ongoing basis?

We have requests to accommodate an auto-ship auto-billing option for our customers. We have researched this option and it does not allow us pass on the present quantity savings to our customers.  Shipping costs are calculated based upon actual shipping costs with no handling fees added so these fees remain fixed.  A recurring order system would increase handling and therefore the cost of product would be higher than our quantity discount pricing. New York State residents are required to file a Sales & Use tax to the State of New York as appropriate for internet sales. We currently receive calls daily from upset customers who have placed orders with other companies.  By mistake, these individuals think they have reached the company that has enrolled them in an auto-ship, auto-billing program as a result of a “free” offer.  By not offering this additional option we are allowed to provide our customers with better service and a higher degree of satisfaction.  An auto-ship auto-billing system also requires the storage of sensitive credit card information in addition to the present customer information. This would also increase liability and make our company a target for individuals who breach company databases.  At present, the information you enter into our system is fully protected and carries with it a $150,000 warranty that your information is secure. 

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